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Tabletop Electromagnetic Vibrating Sieve Shaker Machine

When comes to choose a right vibratory test sieve shaker machine for your laboratory and R & D center, our Tabletop electromagnetic sieve shaker proves to be one of the right choices available on the market today. Especially designed for dry and wet sieving in accordance with relevant standards, the range of vibrating sieving machines is perfectly suitable for laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, research centers and many other places where particle sized sieving analysis is necessary.

The latest models of these electromagnetic sieve shakers have been designed by keeping in mind users' experience, feedback and need of reliable separation, fractioning, particle size determination. These units feature electromagnetic design, superior than manual or motor-operated units.


Electromagnetic working Manual / Digital sieving timer
Sturdy construction Simple and safe to use
Noiseless operation Excellent separation efficiency
Brass or stainless steel sieves ISO and CE certified
Special clamping device Accommodates up to 8 sieves (200 mm x 50 mm )

The electromagnetic sieve shaker machines by Bionics Scientific come with cast iron / mild steel housing that delivers long years of durability. These Table Top electromagnetic Sieve Shakers have been designed to accommodate up to 8 sieves (200 mm dia x 50 mm h) or up to 16 sieves (100 mm dia x 25 mm h). With a choice of rotary knob (mechanical) or digital type (touch keypad) speed regulator (timer) users can adjust vibration speed on sieves table. Special Clamping Device ensures that the test sieves are held firmly and allows them to be quickly removed and replaced. These electromagnetic sieve shakers combine fast, vertical motion with rotary motion at 3000 vibrations per minute for optimum performance.


Model BST/ESS-8
Sieve Capacity - 8 sieves (200 mm Dia x 50 mm H)
- 16 sieves (100 mm Dia x 25 mm H)
Wet Sieving Optional Kit
Vibration Source Electromagnetic vibrator
Construction Cast Iron, Painted Mild steel
Display LCD Display
Sieving Timer

Digital / Analog

Set Time 0 ∼ 99 min
Vibration Frequency 3000 times / min
Noise Level > 61 db w/o sieves at max. power level 
> 71 db w/ sieves & material at max. power level
Vibration Mode - Fine Vibration
- Intermittent Vibration
- Continued Vibration
Test Sieves Brass or Stainless Steel
Accessories - Two supporting SS Rods
- Sieve retaining assembly
- Rubber pad
Power Supply 220 Volts
Certifications CE and ISO

We are leading manufacturer of electromagnetic sieve shaker machines. These electromagnetic vibratory sieve shakers are available as readymade units or customized unitsas required by our customers. All these units are supplied throughout India and exported to Asian, African and Middle East countries at great price. To know more how we can help you, please send us an email or make a call to us, our support team will assist you with complete information you need.

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