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Safety Cabinet

Since it does not discharge the mist & Fume Emission which may occur during physics and chemistry 
experiments, it provides the safe working space by circulating clean air and preventing the emission of 
the air pollution. Outside color matching clean image of laboratory and excellence in design increasing space 
utilization are one of advantages of this product. 5 ton tempered glass chosen on the side broadens the view 
of an experimenter and ensures the safety of the product


Validation support
 Operation qualification test
 Smoke pattern test http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/icon2.jpg Hepa integrity test
 Particle recovery test http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/icon2.jpg Sound level & luminance test Down-flow velocity test


Two HEPA filters are chosen in order to protect the internal environment from the biological risk materials.
HEPA filter captures particles with 0.3um or more in 99.999% or more and maintains the inside air clean.
Since 70 % of air is recirculated and 30% of air is discharged through a HEPA filter, cross- contamination 
between workers and sample or between samples is prevented.
UV lamp and the fluorescent lights is operated with the switches, it reduces the risk factors by choosing
the automatic switching system in order to reduce the possibility to burn an experiment with UV.
Function to control wind speed in 9 steps.
Alarm function of total usage time of a HEPA Filter.
Selection of a sliding door and 5 ton tempered glass on the side. 
A blower fan motor with less noise and vibration- free is used.
The use stability of a UV lamp is raised by automatically turning OFF the UV lamp when the glass door is opened


http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gifPH-SC 900

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gifPH-SC 1200

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gifPH-SC 1500

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gifPH-SC 1800


http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif890 x 565 x 600

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1190 x 565 x 600

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1490 x 565 x 600

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1790 x 565 x 600

960 x 850 x 2085

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1260 x 850 x 2085

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1560 x 850 x 2085

http://www.cryste.co.kr/images/np_icon7.gif1860 x 850 x 2085

Power consumption





Plug type
European 220 VAC STD plug
Electrical requirement
220 VAC 50/60 Hz

With the use of fuses which are optimal to each part, overcurrent is shut- off.

Back light LCD display
Controller-Lamp control

FL lamp On/Off UV lamp On/Off / UV lamp timer / Total using time

Hepa filter
0.3um Particle removal 99.999% / class 100
Air circulation

70% Re-circulation & 30% vent outside through hepa filter

UV20W x1EA, FL 20Wx 2EA,
UV 30W x 1EA, FL 30W x 2EA
UV 40Wx 1EA, FL 40Wx 2EA

Gas cock / air cock / wall mount consent 220V x 2ea

Glass door

Weight balanced sliding tempered safety glass 5mm thick

UV lamp safety

UV lamp is swiched off automatically when operator opens the glass door


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